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PowerCut™ 1600 / PowerCut™ 900

Flexible Heavy Duty Manual Plasma Cutting

For all types cutting within production, repair, maintenance and assembly. Use on all electrically conductive materials, e.g. mild steels, aluminium and "stainless steels".

This rugged, easy to use, power efficient unit, offers excellent cutting properties. Runs off your mains supply together with compressed air or Nitrogen.

Gouging with torch PT-38 & power source PowerCut 1600

PowerCut ™ package comprise of power source & torch (Torch wrap kit is optional extra)

Wear parts for torch PT-38


  • Blowback technology - Eliminates high-frequency starts that can disrupt electronic controls and nearby computer systems
  • Auto-modes (gouge, grate, and normal modes) switch between modes automatically, tailoring your application without manually changing settings on the power source
  • Gouging capability - PowerCutT delivers the extra output voltage needed for superior plasma gouging capability

Long Life & Reliability

  • Rugged design - PowerCutT 's external housing design is durable, damage-resistant, corrosion-resistant and weather resistant, while remaining lightweight for portability
  • Suspended electronics - Sensitive internal electronics are suspended from the aluminium frame, insulating them from shock and vibration
  • Sealed switches - Silicone-sealed switches are immune to corrosion, as well as dust and dirt infiltration
  • Automatic fan control - The cooling fan is automatically controlled to run only when necessary, to conserve energy and reduce ingested dust and dirt
  • Built-in power line conditioner - Protects against damage from power line noise and spikes, even with poor-quality power

The PT-38 manual cutting torch

  • Ergonomic handle for operator comfort
  • Big face switch maximizes convenience when wearing welder's gloves
  • Blowback technology
  • Easily repairable in the field
  • Minimum part configurations
  • Moulded strain relief for secure torch leads


Optional kits - Let you easily transform your manual cutting system into a powerful mechanized system for your gantry machine. PT37-15m with rack (straight neck), remote torch switch and interfacing cable are required for this purpose

Easy to Use

  • Tool-less quick disconnect torch - Disconnects from the machine without the use of wrenches or special tools. It is easy to disconnect the PT-38 torch for storage, repairs or replacement, or to attach a PT-37 mechanized torch for mechanized applications
  • Digital readout display - Easy to read and shows the exact pressure or amperage, so you can operate with confidence. The display also shows help codes to assist in troubleshooting minor errors, reducing downtime
  • Trigger lock function permits releasing switch for long cuts
  • Torch wrap and wear parts kit holder - This optional item lets you neatly wind up torch and cables for convenient storage

  • Powerful performance - PowerCut™ offers the highest speeds and thickness capabilities, as well as high duty cycle ratings, for outstanding productivity and performance
  • Powerful economy - Through a combination of long part life, high speeds and simple torch design, the PowerCut™ offers the lowest cost per cut meter of any machine in its price class
  • Powerful durability - This robust cutting unit stands up to rugged treatment and outdoor use, plus cuts up to 38 mm (PC1600) or 25mm (PC900) metal respectively with ease
  • Powerful ease of operation - With features such as the tool-less quick disconnect torch and a digital readout display, the PowerCut™ is easy to set up and operate, increasing productivity and reducing downtime
Technical Data PC-1600
Mains voltage, V/Ph Hz +/ -15%, 3x400, 50
Fuse (slow), A 35
Mains cable, Ø mm2 6
Permitted load at
60% duty cycle, A/V
100% duty cycle, A/V

Power factor at maximum current 0,72
Efficiency at maximum current, % 0,89
Air requirements l/min / bars 236 / 6.2
Dimensions lxwxh, mm 706x323x378
Weight, kg 41
Recommended generator power kW 20
Manual cut capacity Cuts, mm (inch) 38 (1½)
Severs, mm (inch) 44 (1¾)
Mechanized pierce capacity Maximium, mm (inch) 19 (3/4)
Technical Data PC-900
Mains voltage, V/Ph Hz 3x 400 50Hz
Fuse (slow), A 13
Mains cable, Ø mm2 4
Permitted load at
60% duty cycle, A/V
100% duty cycle, A/V

Power factor at maximum current 0,90
Efficiency at maximum current, % 87
Air requirements l/min / bars 165 / 4.8-5.2
Open circuit power , W 280
Dimensions lxwxh, mm 643x312x361
Weight, kg 32
Manual cut capacity Cuts, mm (inch) 22 (7/8)
Severs, mm (inch) 32 (1¼)
Mechanized pierce capacity Maximium, mm (inch) 13 (1/2)
Ordering Information  
Description Code
PowerCutT 1600 400V (power source) 16F0327090
PowerCutT 900 400V (power source) 16F0325060
PT-38 Torch,7.6 m (25 ft) 16F1114001
PT-38 Torch,15.2 m (50 ft) 16F1113001
PT-31XL PC Torch 15.2m 16F1120001
Optional Accessories  
Torch Guide Kit Deluxe
(max 106 cm Radius)
Torch Guide Kit Basic
(44.5 to 71 cm Radius)
PT-37 Torch with rack 15.2m 16F1119001
Click here to view manual of Power™Cut 1600 / 900 in PDF format (800 KB)