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LHJ 425 / 750

Welding Rectifiers

LHJ 425 and LHJ 750 are robust rectifiers welding with coated electrodes of any class. Experience the power of LHJ 750 safe and good quality gouging



  • LHJ 425 and LHJ 750 are welding rectifiers for welding and fabrication. They have good welding characteristics and a wide current range, LHJ 425 > 55-425 A and LHJ 750 > 80- 750 A, which permits welding with a large number of different types of electrode including basic, with diameters of 2.0 - 6.0 mm
  • For mobility in the workshop the rectifier LHJ 425/750 is delivered with rubber wheels and handle for easy maneuverability. There are two lifting hooks provided on the top of the rectifiers for lifting and shifting
  • The rectifier has an option to fix ESAB digital V/A meter for showing the welding voltage and current
  • They are a fan cooled three phase rectifier connected to a three phase power
  • The welding current is continuously adjustable within the range by means of a trouble free hand crank at the front panel controlling a movable leakage core
  • The rectifier housing is made of power coated steel sheet designed for both indoor and outdoor usage under all weather conditions
Technical Data LHJ 425 LHJ 750
Mains supply 3 Ø 50/60Hz 415V 415V
Fuse rating, A 40 63
Welding current range 55A/22V - 425A / 33V 80A/23V - 750A / 44V
Open circuit voltage 76V 87V
Permitted load at maximum 425A - 37V 750A - 44V
Dimensions (W x L x H –mm) 780 x 950 x 870 780 x 950 x 870
Weight 185 kg 225 kg
Ordering Information    
With VA Meter 46F0403425 46F0404750
Without VA Meter 46F0406425  
Click here to view manual of LHJ 425 / 750 in PDF format (470 KB)