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Buddy™ Tig 160

160 A p HF TIG / Stick welder
Portable solution for professional welding

The BuddyTMTig160 is a robust and durable power source for the professional welder. The machine provides state- of-the-art welding performance and reliability through useofthelatestIGBTtechnology.

Designed for durability

he BuddyTMTig160 is a user friendly, robust and still light weight TIG machine, offering HF start and a stick (MMA) mode.

Control panel

he control panel on the BuddyTMTig160 is very easy to use with one adjustment knob to set the weld current and one to set the slope down time in TIG mode or the arc force in MMA mode.


  • Plant fabrication and Maintenance
  • Site Maintenance/Repair
  • Civil construction
  • General fabrication
  • Agriculture

  • Superior arc characteristics –Smooth welding condition
  • Generator compliant – Suitable for use with generators
  • Easy-to-use – Set the welding current and slope down/arc force and weld with excellent result
  • Practical design – makes the power source easy to carry which enables use at almost any work site
  • Robust design – withstands harsh environments
  • Can be used with extended mains cable- provides extended working range
Technical Data Buddy Tig 160
Power Source  
Mains supply, V/Ph Hz 230/1 50/60
Fuse (slow), A 16
Permitted load at 40ºC TIG  
25% duty cycle, A/V 160/26, 4
60% duty cycle, A/V 100/14
At 100% duty cycle, A/V 90/13, 6
Permitted load at 40ºC MMA  
25% duty cycle, A/V 160/26, 4
60% duty cycle, A/V 100/24, 2
At 100% duty cycle, A/V 80/23, 2
Setting rang TIG/MMA (DC), A 5 - 160
Open circuit voltage, V 58
Input Current TIG 11, 4A
Input Current MMA 16, 3 A
Dimensions lxwxh, mm 310x140x230
Weight, kg 60
Enclosure class IP 23S
Application class S
Ordering Information  
Buddy Tig160 Inverter 46F0225160
Tig Torch 46F0822001
Click here to view manual of Buddy Tig 160 in PDF format (600 KB)