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EasyWeld SSR 400/600

Fully Thyristorised MMA Welding Rectifiers

ESAB EASYWELD SSR series, fully thyristorised MMA welding rectifiers are built using state of the art solid state technology and is designed to meet the stringent demands of high quality radiographic welding for today's fabricating industries, including Nuclear Power Plants, Chemical Process Plants, Offshore Work, Defence, Steel Plant, Thermal Power Plants, Mining and Structural Fabrications etc.


Special Features

  • True, vertical welding current characteristics with higher open circuit voltage.
  • Immunity from AC input voltage fluctuation, with builtin overload and thermal cut-out protections.
  • Stable arc with regular droplet transfer and elimination of spatter generation.
  • Hot start facilities for easy arc striking.
  • Effective prevention of electrode freezing.
  • Single range current control with remote control facilities.
  • Protection against HF interference.
  • Excellent reliability with high performance suitable for outdoor, onsite use.
  • Lightweight yet robust in construction.
  • Increased versatility with better utilisation.
  • Low input kVA rating.
  • Six phases ripple free DC output gives excellent welding quality.
  • Ideal for precise TIG welding with necessary accessories.
Supply voltage 415 Volts, ±10% AC
3 Phase, 50 Hz
415 Volts, ±10% AC
3 Phase, 50 Hz
Rating at 60% duty cycle<> 21.6 kVA 40 kVA
Primary current at the
rated output at 415V supply
30 Amps 55 Amps
Open circuit voltage (max.) 100 Volts DC 100 Volts DC
Welding current range 10-400 Amps. DC 10-600 Amps. DC
Maximum continuous hand welding current at 60% duty cycle(rated output) 400 Amps. DC 600 Amps. DC
Maximum continuous automatic welding current at 100% duty cycle 310 Amps. DC 470 Amps. DC
Type of welding current regulation Stepless Stepless
Insulation 'H' 'H'
Approx. Net weight 122 Kg. 160 Kg.
Approx. Dimensions (L x W x H) mm 675 x 350 x 690 615 x 455 x 850
Remote controller RCU-SSR-400 RCU-SSR-600
Power source with remote control unit. 461-0642-000 461-0642-600
Click here to view manual of Easyweld SSR 400/600 in PDF format (101 KB)